"After making an initial inquiry on a condo complex, we were inundated with calls and emails from many many agents. Ilona Nowak was the only agent who actually listened and understood that we were not ready to buy for a few months due to travel plans.  While all the other agents continued to call and email, Ilona waited and reached out on our return. Now that really impressed us!
Ilona is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient and really cared about finding us our beautiful home.  Most importantly, we had confidence and trust in Ilona.  She was candid and always transparent in her interactions with us, as well as the selling agents.  
Buying a home can be challenging, but working with Ilona made it as painless and straightforward as possible.  At no point in the process did we feel pressured into making decisions, she guided us through the buying process and was responsive and flexible with her time.

If you are looking for an agent who can help you find your dream home, entrust yourself with Ilona.  We highly recommend her and would use her again in a heartbeat!"

- Annette M. - Former Client

"My wife and I recently purchased our very first home, and throughout the entire process we only worked with one agent, Ilona Nowak.
Several months prior to beginning the search my wife and I had reached out to a few agents online, testing the waters. We have all heard the stories of the sales person who is just in it for themselves right?
Whilst all responded promptly every single one, with one exception, repeatedly called/emailed (almost always with auto emails) despite having been advised that we were a few months away from getting serious about things.
Ilona was the only one who said she would make a note to touch bases in a few months, and guess what? No auto emails, no repeat calls, she actually did what she said she would do.
Once we were ready to start getting serious Ilona was ALWAYS there for us, before during and in some cases long after what most people would consider "normal" business hours.
Prompt, more than prompt, in response to our questions and concerns she guided us through the process from start to finish, several offers that we made, was there for us when we missed out (more than once) due to multiple offers with that had escalation clauses, and in one case where our offer was accepted, through the heartbreak of a property not appraising and thus missing out bank approval wise.
Almost ready to throw in the towel, we finally found our ideal home, well outside of our initial search area, and once again, Ilona worked with us and the selling agent to make the process as smooth and pain free as possible. Within three weeks we were moving boxes and furniture into what we consider to be our dream home.
Never ever, not one time, did my wife and I feel Ilona wasnt being truthful with us, was hiding anything or working in cahoots with the selling agents in order to just "get the sale".
She cared for us, we care for her, indeed she has become a close friend and we will continue, wherever possible, to refer friends to her, and utilize her skills and knowledge when the time comes to either sell up, or buy another property.
People say we shouldnt rate anyone on a scale, especially women, but I am in the car business, and we are graded 1-10. One means unacceptable and a ten means truly exceptional. Even a score of 8 out of 10 is labelled as "Outstanding" which most reasonable people would be more than happy with right?
Well, Ilona is in my humble opinion, an eleven. "


"When it came to selling my home, the decision to use Ms. Nowak’s services was hands down the correct choice. Given the details of my situation, Ilona did her due diligence to research my neighborhood and the surrounding areas of all listed, pending and sold homes. She physically toured several properties in my area and provided me with their stats; beds, baths, price per square footage, listing vs selling prices, days on market as well as contingencies included in the transaction. Using her database and resources of local and regional agents she was able to price the house accordingly. With Ilona’s recommendations, the home was professionally prepared and ready at listing for immediate brokers’ opens, public open houses and agent/client showings. Her advertising was proficient, timely and directed to an accurate demographical sphere. With Ilona’s attention to these details one open house encouraged over 40 parties through the front door. In the end, her hard work and diligence contributed to multiple offers and the home sold within 8 days for over $88,000 of the listing price. 

During the listing and escrow periods Ilona followed up on leads, contacts, interested parties, and acquired positive and negative feedback from agents.  Around my timetable, she appropriately scheduled dates and meeting with venders, agents, escrow and all parties involved.  I was kept well informed and up to date during the entire process. I never felt rushed or pressured and overall it was a very smooth transaction.

Her experience, expertise and undeniable talent to know her information was a huge impact on my sale. She has a positive and realistic approach to Real Estate and was an absolute joy to work with. She is kind, understanding, a great listener, and has an all-inclusive concern for her client’s wellbeing. If I were to ever move to California I would only use Ilona as my agent. I highly recommend Ilona to be a member of your team."

- Jeanine L. - FORMER CLIENT



"Over my over two decades in broker management, I have had the opportunity to associate with many real estate brokers.  One in particular stands out.  For the past three years, it's been my pleasure to work with Ilona Nowak in her capacity representing both home sellers and buyers.  Ilona possesses the perfect combination of professionalism, adherence to the REALTOR Code of Ethics and commitment to only the highest level of business and industry standards.  Ilona’s innate ability to fiercely negotiate on behalf of her clients is an impressive trait.  She possesses intense focus and attention to detail - crucial as a broker must manage the escrow process in every transaction.  Ilona always put her clients' needs first, a true testament to her character.  Her reputation as a fair and responsible advocate is above reproach and she meets each client bringing integrity and commitment to do the right thing."

- Michael X. Ford - Ilona's Designated Broker at Realogics Sotheby's International Realty

"There are not enough words and praises to describe Ilona Nowak.  Simply stated, she is one of those rare individuals who unselfishly gives her time and energy to those that rely on her for help and guidance - may they be her clients buying or selling a property, her team members needing some last minute assistance, or simply collaborating on a team project. 
During the time I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ilona, she has always proven to be an extremely valuable team player.  Not only is she smart, tech savvy, compassionate and consistently dependable, she pursues everything she does with great enthusiasm and professionalism.  What I appreciate most about Ilona is that she takes initiatives to solve problems, think creatively, and gives nothing less than 100% of her attention to details – which I’ve appreciated so much. 
When it comes to her clients, Ilona is passionate about delivering excellent service with honesty and integrity, always in her clients’ best interest. Her good intentions are genuine and they clearly show through in her interactions with people. As a Real Estate Agent, she is highly ethical, knowledgeable and motivated to be her best.  I can truly vouch that Ilona is exceptionally regarded by her clients and well respected and liked by her peers in the industry. 
While Ilona’s departure from Seattle is a significant loss for the Stroupe Group, I have no doubt that she will be received well and will be very successful in her next job."

- JUlie H. Roh - Founding director of realogics Sotheby's international realty

"I am writing this letter of recommendation for Ilona Nowak Flitton with great pride.  I first met Ilona on March 4th, 2015 after an associates thought she would be a good fit for our team.  I was not actively seeking an addition to the group at that time, but I thought a meeting would be a good idea.  When I meet Ilona, I sensed something very intriguing in her.  After a second meeting I thought I would see if my instincts were correct.  She came aboard soon afterwards on April 1st, 2015.


I have been in the real estate business since 1994 and soon afterwards started the Stroupe Group.  Our group has completed well over 1,000 transactions. The foundation of our success is simple. Work harder than anyone else and to have our client’s best interest come first.   A willingness to educate clients to make informed decisions takes more effort, but it is what we do best.  The Stroupe Group is consistently one of the most successful teams in downtown Seattle. Ilona fit perfectly with our philosophy and clients love her.

Ilona embraced our culture right away. Her work ethics, big heart, and contagious enthusiasm won over the entire team in no time.  We are a group that prides ourselves on honesty, integrity, and above everything, as stated, our clients come first.  Ilona contributed in many ways with many disciplines. She accepted all tasks presented to her including marketing, presentations, articles for the websites, ads, newsletters, strategic planning, and much more. 

First and foremost, she worked with both buyers and sellers.  Having had no prior knowledge of the Seattle market or the Northwest Multiple Listing Service’s official forms, Ilona managed to quickly become familiar with both. Moreover, she managed to build a client-base with no sphere of influence whatsoever.  It is worth adding that the Seattle area real estate market has been considered to be the most competitive in the country for several years now.  Ilona repeatedly helped navigate buyers and sellers through stressful multiple offer situations with great success and integrity.  She has a great reputation among our realtor colleagues.

During my acquaintance with Ilona, she had been efficient, professional, organized, focused, and a fantastic team addition.  Some of the qualities I can personally account for?  Honesty, ethical, knowledgeable, persistent, team player, confident, professional, responsive, communitive, curious, open minded, and an uplifting attitude just to name a few.

In conclusion, I can honestly say we were a better team with her.  She has my highest possible recommendation.  She will forever be missed and if she ever decides to return to Seattle, without hesitation, she has a home.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, additional information, or clarification.  I would be more than pleased to discuss her attributes."

- James Stroupe - Owner of Stroupe Group Inc/managing broker, Letter Available